Welcome to ESUIP

ESUIP has been dedicated to expanding and sharing knowledge, inspiring innovation, and preserving cultural and scientific information for future generations. ESUIP is thus oriented towards international exchange, which it already offers, through its plurilingual teaching, theoretical and practical experience.


Strongly rooted in French culture and its values,ESUIP has set itself the primary objective of opening up and developing everyone's horizons. The international exchanges offered by our school are part of a desire to mix cultures and broaden knowledge. It is from this perspective that culture and knowledge are the best promises of progress. We also prepare our students to become citizens of culture and subsequently citizens of the world; this is what characterizes the ethics of our school.

This is how we have chosen our project; and we try to offer a teaching that reflects our particular education, but also a teachingcurriculumthat promotes adialogue with the present world and the transformationof societies based on multiple media:

  • Tailor-made support
  • Openness to the diversity of languages and cultures 

A modern approach to learning 

Opening up to the professional world through "windows" internships and work-study programmes allows for practice and theory to be combined in the same learning process. As a result, ESUIP's teaching approach is based on current concepts such as cognitive teaching and mental management (which will be taught in the form of humanities courses), ("applied philosophy", psychology and sociology), promoting a teaching curriculum that considers the learner as the actor of his or her own knowledge. 

ESUIP thus offers a type of teaching where self-discovery and discovery of the other predominate. Indeed, we are not following a typical education curriculum where there is an imposed programme on the one hand and the student on the other. On the contrary, our teaching ensures that knowledge and the learner always meet. The teaching provided is thus a mediation tool between the learner and his or her knowledge, in a relationship where the aim remains the processing and creation of meaning. 

This is why ESUIP offers, through its teaching, the possibility to discover one's own interests, because a deeper knowledge of oneself means a better development of one’s skills and better positioning of oneself later on, in workinglife.



Lyna Peron
CEO - 

Joumana Timery
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