Our Programs

 Covering all major branches of international relations and European politics, the programs offer an unprecedented scope. With ample curriculum allowance for optional courses, students may specialize and develop their expertise from the earliest stages.

The mission of this program is produce highly qualified graduates equipped with sound knowledge of the field and modern research skills. This will enable them to pursue doctoral programs and meet the needs of the country and the region.

This Mastère's program aims to train specialists in international relations and to prepare our gradued for a career in diplomacy, he provides students with comprehensive knowledge and policy-oriented skills at the intersection of diplomacy and global governance.

This program designed for students and professionals who are interested in heritage conservation, site management, museum studies, tourism, creative industries, architectural heritage, historical town and city. 

This Mastère provides you with a solid grounding in the major business disciplines and extends this knowledge across five different tracks. The program is divided into three blocks: general management, track-specific courses, and an internship or project work period.

Notre mastère, nourri de cet héritage, se veut avant tout le moteur de transmission de valeurs et de connaissances, fondamentales pour aborder les métiers du journalisme et de la communication aujourd’hui.

 This PhD offers the student a high level of training allowing him/her to specialize in the theoretical and practical aspects of diplomacy and international relations.