Mastère in Luxury Marketing

Our graduates are trained to have a innovative mindset to the tackle the biggest challenges of the luxury industry.
120 Credits (ECTS)

This Mastère provides you with a solid grounding in the major business disciplines and extends this knowledge across five different tracks. The program is divided into three blocks: general management, track-specific courses, and an internship or project work period.

 It is dedicated to career exploration and fulfillment.

This Master will give you the essential tools to launch your career in the global luxury and fashion industry.

It provides a comprehensive approach to the specific business models of luxury and fashion, he balances between creativity and business in the management of luxury companies.

In-depth analysis of fashion and design business models in different industries enables students to combine product knowledge with luxury management-specific managerial approaches, providing vision and an operational capacity for international expansion.

During this Master,our students will have the opportunity to make three to four study trips and discover the secrets of luxury brands at close quarters. The discovery trips take place in the luxury capitals, in companies in Milan, London, Paris and Switzerland.

ESUIP will help graduate to pursue their own career goals and will support them in the job seeking process. A qualified career counselor will assist students with a variety of services and resources: career development sessions & advice, one-to-one counseling, and more.